About the Cubicle Cook

What in the world are you talking about???

I’m a regular New Yorker. An office worker who’s sick and tired of paying $10 for the same old unsatisfying lunch each and every day.

You get a sandwich and chips and it costs at least $8. Add on a drink and you’re up to $10. You decide to eat healthy and get a salad, you’re looking at $6 and up depending on how boring you want your salad to be. If you like chicken in your salad like I do, then your starting with an $8 salad. Not counting any other toppings or drinks.

Fed up of wasting money everyday, you decide to go to the grocery store and buy bread and cold cuts. However after a few days of turkey and cheese sandwiches from the fridge, you’re largely unsatisfied and craving something, anything else. More often than not you’ll abandon your uneaten sandwich and venture out for pizza, chinese or something more delicious and thus the cycle of buying lunch out again begins anew.

However it doesn’t have to be that way my friends. You can take the mundane and make it, well un-mundane. You can take the typical and make it atypical (you get the drift).

One day, sick of a third straight day of brought-in turkey and cheese sandwiches I decided to get jiggy wit it. You see, I had this Hamilton Beach (George Foreman like for those unfamiliar with Hamilton Beach) grill in my cube for when I had cooked up some fresh caught striped sea bass skewers for my coworkers. I brought the grill in from home and just left it in my office. It stood idle until one day I was craving a hot sandwich, like a grilled cheese. Knowing that my cold, boring turkey and cheese sandwich was awaiting me in the fridge, I decided to give the ole’ grill a whirl to see if I can stir up some magic.

As you see by the pictures below, within minutes I turned my cold turkey and cheese sandwich into a nice, hot melted cheese and turkey sandwich. The bread nice and crunchy. The cheese hot and melted. My taste buds were once again happy.


I got a wet paper towel and the grill was cleaned off in seconds. No mess. No grease. After the grill cooled, back in the box and under the desk it went. No fuss. No hassles.

How the name came about

One day, after cooking up a sandwich at my desk and making my coworkers mouths drool, one of my coworkers joking said I should start a cubicle cookbook. I laughed and thought it was funny. Then the hampster in my brain starting running.

Wait? That’s a fantastic idea! A whole bunch of recipes that one can make in their cube using a small portable grill! Instead of just the boring sandwich, now you could grill up variations of your favorite lunch meats. In the mood for hotdogs and burgers? Grill away. How bout some grilled chicken and vegetables? Why the hell not. Whatever fits on the grill is fit to eat.

I thought about the idea long and hard and consulted many a friend, both foodie and non-foodie alike. The consensus was that there’s something here. Maybe it’s a little weird and doesn’t apply to everyone. But for the office worker who’s trapped in cubicle heaven, it’s something that is easy to implement:

Buy grill.

Plug grill in.

Grill food.

Unplug grill.

Enjoy grilled goodness.

Really is that simple.

So what’s next?

Well I’m hard at work with several friends who work as chefs and within the food industry to come up with some good recipes that one can make in their cube. Knowing not everyone has access to a fridge at work, recipes will be made with both in-fridge and just bought items in mind.

My goal is to inspire you. Maybe make you laugh in the process. But most of all give you practical information that could help you become the hit of your office and help save some money on the side.

After all, what’s better? Wasting $50+ a week on lunch, or purchasing a few groceries and whipping up a few meals at your desk?

Obviously the goal is not to chain you to your desk all day. By all means get outside. Get some fresh air. Breathe, stretch the legs and enjoy. But when you come back, treat yourself to a homemade grilled cheese sandwich that is the envy of the office. That my friends, is what cubicle cooking is all about.


2 Responses to About the Cubicle Cook

  1. Katherine says:

    This is a wonderful idea and I can’t wait to see it. Thank you — I’ll be watching for the final product!

  2. cubiclecook says:

    Thanks Katherine…I’ll hopefully be able to get things going in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

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